real news

Thank you folks for an impressing run-in today! We‘ve reached 1000 likes, what’s a milestone in the infamous world of facebook bandpages. As this is not taken for granted, we are in the position to tell you three things:
1st thing: (there’s a man in a smiling bag)
The cobretti-man-machine is temporarily muted until end of october. We‘ll pump up the volume in Göttingen, Köln, Hamburg and Berlin from Oct. 31st to Nov. 3rd again. Take a look!
2nd thing is: (the owls are not what they seem)
We‘re no lazy human beings and are constantly increasing the speed of our workforce productivity until mid October when the cobretti-man-machine will finish its work in an exceptional collaboration with another man-machine called Role at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg.
The 3rd thing is: (without chemicals he points)
We are happy to announce that COBRETTI are about to release another longplayer, probably by the end of 2012 on Twisted Chords. Thanx to Tobi, you‘re officially accepted in the man-machine-company!