Now it´s time. Our upcoming record is called „AXIS“ – Five tracks in 15:20 minutes on an onesided 12″, coming in 2 vinyl colours and different screenprinted covers. These are the basics. We uploaded one song for now, so please listen to „Seriousness will tear us apart“, make a comment, like it, share it, whatever. The preorder will start soon, we´ll keep you posted about this and other essential news.

What´s left? We´re looking forward to this very last weekend with Tackleberry. Two dates which you shouldn´t pass – one birthday, one funeral :( and of course our tour with the Dimensions this Dec/Jan. See you there!

07.12. KÖLN // Club Scheisse / 10 years of Cobretti madness
08.12. KIEL // Alte Meierei
27.12. Aachen // AZ
28.12. BOOK NOW!
29.12. Bielefeld // AJZ
30.12. Ibbenbüren // Scheune
01.01. BOOK NOW!
02.01. Potsdam // La Datscha
03.01. Berlin // Cassiopeia
04.01. Leisnig // AJZ
05.01. Darmstadt // Oetinger Villa