Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:35:42 +0000 en Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:35:42 +0000 Administrator Allgemein We spent some time in the last few days to update our bandcamp page and uploaded every single album an demo we recorded in the last 10 years. Please, don´t make fun of our early steps. Downloads are for free, donate if you want.

5years>antifascistaction>cologne Fri, 31 May 2013 10:06:13 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Next Week, Cologne!


Merch Mon, 04 Feb 2013 01:37:22 +0000 Administrator Allgemein We finally discovered the world of Bigcartel. Cobretti merch anytime, anywhere – go get some!

For the last five pretty rare black/gold AXIS Covers
you should go there…

„AXIS“ preorder Sat, 15 Dec 2012 17:19:57 +0000 Administrator Allgemein The preorder for our 12″ AXIS has finally started! Get your limited version (100) now via Twisted Chords. Beside the two different versions in the TC web shop will be a third version, which you can only get at our upcoming tour (28.12.-05.01.).
preorder here!

AXIS Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:29:57 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Now it´s time. Our upcoming record is called „AXIS“ – Five tracks in 15:20 minutes on an onesided 12″, coming in 2 vinyl colours and different screenprinted covers. These are the basics. We uploaded one song for now, so please listen to „Seriousness will tear us apart“, make a comment, like it, share it, whatever. The preorder will start soon, we´ll keep you posted about this and other essential news.

What´s left? We´re looking forward to this very last weekend with Tackleberry. Two dates which you shouldn´t pass – one birthday, one funeral :( and of course our tour with the Dimensions this Dec/Jan. See you there!

07.12. KÖLN // Club Scheisse / 10 years of Cobretti madness
08.12. KIEL // Alte Meierei
27.12. Aachen // AZ
28.12. BOOK NOW!
29.12. Bielefeld // AJZ
30.12. Ibbenbüren // Scheune
01.01. BOOK NOW!
02.01. Potsdam // La Datscha
03.01. Berlin // Cassiopeia
04.01. Leisnig // AJZ
05.01. Darmstadt // Oetinger Villa

New EP, Winter Tour Sun, 21 Oct 2012 20:16:42 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Hey Folks,

we had an amazing week and finished the recordings of our upcoming EP. Stuff to proof if we did a good job is coming soon, be curious! There are some shows in the next two month which you shouldn´t pass, please check them out. Apart from that we´re going on tour this winter between the 27.12.12 – 05.01.13 to celebrate our 10th birthday and the new release. Any help is appreciated. Our friend Chris is booking the shows, so please get in contact with him (chris[at] – thank you!

October Sun, 30 Sep 2012 08:44:19 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Only 13 days left and we´re off to Role and his awesome shed called Tonmeisterei. A new record is coming – just saying.

real news Fri, 03 Aug 2012 00:58:47 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Thank you folks for an impressing run-in today! We‘ve reached 1000 likes, what’s a milestone in the infamous world of facebook bandpages. As this is not taken for granted, we are in the position to tell you three things:
1st thing: (there’s a man in a smiling bag)
The cobretti-man-machine is temporarily muted until end of october. We‘ll pump up the volume in Göttingen, Köln, Hamburg and Berlin from Oct. 31st to Nov. 3rd again. Take a look!
2nd thing is: (the owls are not what they seem)
We‘re no lazy human beings and are constantly increasing the speed of our workforce productivity until mid October when the cobretti-man-machine will finish its work in an exceptional collaboration with another man-machine called Role at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg.
The 3rd thing is: (without chemicals he points)
We are happy to announce that COBRETTI are about to release another longplayer, probably by the end of 2012 on Twisted Chords. Thanx to Tobi, you‘re officially accepted in the man-machine-company!

Next week Tue, 08 May 2012 20:39:31 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Hometown :) plus these two:

17.5. TÜBINGEN – Epplehaus /+Ruins, Malatesta, Kachel
18.5. BASEL – Hirscheneck /+Ruins

show update Fri, 20 Apr 2012 11:27:34 +0000 Administrator Allgemein Sooo. Endlich mal ein Konzertupdate. Ab Mai verbringen wir wieder viele Sonnenstunden auf der Autobahn um vor allem den südlichen Speckgürtel um Köln abzuklappern. Hallo ihr da zwischen Pfalz und Franken, wir haben noch 2 Tage ohne Auftrag. Wer uns da weiterhelfen kann schreibt uns doch bitte:
Ansonsten, so sieht es aus:

16./ Köln – AZ /+Ruins, Daydream
17./ Tübingen – Epplehaus /+Ruins
18./ Basel – Hirscheneck /+Ruins
19./ Show gesucht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25./ Rastatt – Art Canrobert /+Balboa Burnout
26./ Reutlingen – tbc
27./ Freiburg – KTS
9./ Frotheim – Open Air
15./ Siegen – VEB /+Kaput Krauts
6./ Show gesucht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7./ München – Kafe Marat
27./ Wuppertal – LCB /+Willy Fog, Caleya, Aristillus, Suis La Lune
28./ Düsseldorf – AK47
Twisted Chords Label Tour
mit Amen 81 / Kaput Krauts
31.10. Göttingen – tba
01.11. Köln – Aetherblissement
02.11. Hamburg – Hafenklang
03.11. Berlin – About:Blank